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Rainbow Outfit Otclient v8

Vitin Lidera


Posted (edited)
Versão do Servidor: TFS - 0.3.4
Tipo de Script: actions
-- Rainbow Outfit

local rainbowOutfitTime = 1

rainbowOutfit = macro(rainbowOutfitTime, "Rainbow Outfit", function ()

function rainbowOutfit()
    local randomColor = math.random(1,132)
    local pOutfit = player:getOutfit()
    local rainbowOutfit = { type = pOutfit.type, head = randomColor, body = randomColor, legs = randomColor, feet = randomColor, addons = pOutfit.addons}
  return true

Qm puder me dizer tambem se tem um macro de mensagem para otclient eu agradeçeria

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