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Boa tarde Galera,


tem como fazer uma alteração no script /ghost para que ninguém veja as magias (palavras) quando o ghost estiver ativo?


function onSay(player, words, param)	if not player:getGroup():getAccess() then		return true	end	if player:getAccountType() < ACCOUNT_TYPE_GOD then		return false	end	local position = player:getPosition()	local isGhost = not player:isInGhostMode()	player:setGhostMode(isGhost)	if isGhost then		player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_EVENT_ADVANCE, "You are now invisible.")		position:sendMagicEffect(CONST_ME_YALAHARIGHOST)	else		player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_EVENT_ADVANCE, "You are visible again.")		position.x = position.x + 1		position:sendMagicEffect(CONST_ME_SMOKE)	end	return falseend




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