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Filth_Toad.gif Filth Toad

Vida: 185

Exp: 90/135


Habilidades: Corpo a corpo (0-30), Envenenamento (1 hp / 5 turnos), Stalagmite (8-34), Haste.

Dano Estimado: 34 hp / turno


Neutro Contra: Físico Sagrado Morte Energia Terra Ice Fogo


download.png Download


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><monster name="Filth Toad" nameDescription="a filth toad" race="blood" experience="90" speed="210" manacost="0">	<health now="185" max="185" />	<look type="222" corpse="6077" />	<targetchange interval="4000" chance="10" />	<flags>		<flag summonable="0" />		<flag attackable="1" />		<flag hostile="1" />		<flag illusionable="1" />		<flag convinceable="0" />		<flag pushable="1" />		<flag canpushitems="1" />		<flag canpushcreatures="0" />		<flag staticattack="90" />		<flag targetdistance="1" />		<flag runonhealth="10" />	</flags>	<attacks>		<attack name="melee" interval="2000" skill="10" attack="30" poison="20" />		<attack name="physical" interval="2000" chance="20" range="7" min="-8" max="-17">			<attribute key="shootEffect" value="poison" />			<attribute key="areaEffect" value="greenbubble" />		</attack>	</attacks>	<defenses armor="15" defense="15">		<defense name="speed" interval="2000" chance="15" speedchange="200" duration="5000">			<attribute key="areaEffect" value="redshimmer" />		</defense>	</defenses>	<elements>		<element earthPercent="20" />		<element icePercent="20" />		<element firePercent="-10" />	</elements>	<voices interval="5000" chance="10">		<voice sentence="Ribbit, ribbit!" />		<voice sentence="Ribbit!" />	</voices>	<loot>		<item id="2148" countmax="21" chance="75000" /><!-- gold coin -->		<item id="2667" chance="22000" /><!-- fish -->		<item id="10557" chance="3000" /><!-- poisonous slime -->		<item id="2398" chance="2000" /><!-- mace -->		<item id="2377" chance="500" /><!-- two handed sword -->	</loot></monster>



<monster name="Filth Toad" file="Frogs/filth toad.xml" />


Ou, baixe o arquivo: filth toad.xml


filth toad.xml


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