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                                                                                                    IP: cruelot.ddns.net

                                                                                                Client: 8.6 (Custom client)

                                                                                                  Host: Canada

                                                                                                  Uptime: 24/7

                                                                                                 Exp Rate: x999

                                                                                                 Skills Rate: x50

                                                                                                  Loot: x4

                                                                                                   Server Start: Already Started!




Cruel-OT is a custom edited 8.6 Evo-server with a lot of events and features some of them will be listed below:


-Custom remapped Evo with hidden hunting places,  trap places for PVP, and some hidden quests around the map.


-More than 50 Quests and hunting tps


-Hourly Bosses with an advanced loot system that allows everyone that participated in killing the boss gets a loot.


-Hourly Lottery System rewards players with different items including points, tokens etc..


-Hourly events located in temple, Lms, Bosses events raid, Dungeon event, and much more..


-Dodge and critical system that allows you to dodge your opponent attack/critical your dmg.


-Advanced daily monsters task with a reward chest.


-Random Mission NPC with more than 50 creatures task.


-A custom Power system that adds power points to your character can be used later with the Power Npc to improve your character skills.


-Casino system.


-a broadcast system that will help players to gather a team for quests, bosses, etc.


-Vip System can be obtained in-game


-Advanced Weapon system spells.


- Balanced Vocations in PVP


-Rewarding points on level


-Upgrade set system and much more to explore in the game.



Regarding the Donations :


- we're not aiming for donations, there's a lot of ways to obtain premium points through the game.


-donation set is not the best set in-game, you can obtain the best set without donating.


-it's not a pay 2 win server, it's more like play for fun.


-First, 20 Players, Will Receive 450 premium points Good luck.

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