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Found 3 results

  1. IP: cruelot.ddns.net Client: 8.6 (Custom client) Host: Canada Uptime: 24/7 Exp Rate: x999 Skills Rate: x50 Loot: x4 Server Start: Already Started! [MEDIA=youtube]KuNOUHnujIY[/MEDIA] Cruel-OT is a custom edited 8.6 Evo-server with a lot of events and features some of them will be listed below: -Custom remapped Evo with hidden hunting places, trap places for PVP, and some hidden quests around the map. -More than 50 Quests and hunting tps -Hourly Bosses with an advanced loot system that allows everyone that participated in killing the boss gets a loot. -Hourly Lottery System rewards players with different items including points, tokens etc.. -Hourly events located in temple, Lms, Bosses events raid, Dungeon event, and much more.. -Dodge and critical system that allows you to dodge your opponent attack/critical your dmg. -Advanced daily monsters task with a reward chest. -Random Mission NPC with more than 50 creatures task. -A custom Power system that adds power points to your character can be used later with the Power Npc to improve your character skills. -Casino system. -a broadcast system that will help players to gather a team for quests, bosses, etc. -Vip System can be obtained in-game -Advanced Weapon system spells. - Balanced Vocations in PVP -Rewarding points on level -Upgrade set system and much more to explore in the game. Regarding the Donations : - we're not aiming for donations, there's a lot of ways to obtain premium points through the game. -donation set is not the best set in-game, you can obtain the best set without donating. -it's not a pay 2 win server, it's more like play for fun. -First, 20 Players, Will Receive 450 premium points Good luck.
  2. ABERTURA OFICIAL DIA 28/07/202 as 18:00 HORÁRIO DE BRASÍLIA Informações do servidor Web: https://gonrox.com XP: 150x Stages Skill: 15x Ml: 6x Loot: 1x Para mais infos acesse: https://gonrox.com/?subtopic=serverinfo Teremos um global 8.60 custon com: → Mapa global Custon com dezenas de casas novas em citys principais; → Integração de Roshamuul, Isaavi, Oken, Oramond e mais outras 12 citys; → Sistema de aprimoramento de itens, do +1 ao +15; EXCLUSIVO → Sistema de desgaste de itens, girando a economia e fornecendo meios de se fazer grana; EXCLUSIVO → Quests e Boss novos; NEW → Exp balanceada e com cálculo justo para quem se dedica para pegar leveis superiores; → Hunts novas pelas cidades principais e nas vips; NEW → Sistema de retirar a outfit addons do personagens e negociar via trade; EXCLUSIVO → Eventos exclusivos e mini games que podem te dar itens, tickets de Outfit e até points; → Sistema de link de indicação em que você recebe comissão em points e em itens, após determinadas ações dos seus indicados. EXCLUSIVO
  3. Ip: RealValorian.net Client: 8.60 Custom Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Germany Website: RealValorian.net Map: Custom Real Map Welcome on ValorianOT server, which is developed and tested by a professional team, with frequent updates, i.e. new monsters, new spells, new systems, new events, new bosses! The best and most complete RealMAP EU server at today's stage, and we will always enjoy the best updates and features every day! There will be a new wonderful peninsula for all players - a new island arriving in the lands of Valorian, with new houses available to all players, and new hunting grounds. Exp Rate : 1-40 = 40x› 50-99 = 30x› 100-149 = 25x› 150-199 = 20x› 200-219 = 15x› 220-239 = 14x› 240-249 = 13x› 250-269 = 12x› 270-299 = 12x› 300-349 = 10x› 350-399 = 8x› 400-449 = 6x› 450-499 = 3x› 450-499 = 2x› 450-499 = 1.5x› 501-* = 1x› After level 600 the exp rate from monsters gets reduced by some different factors but you still gain 1x experience. Skills rate: Skills: 25x Magic: 20x Loot: 5x Type: PVPE Map: Custom RealMap Protection Level: 80 More information: Daily bosses, events, raids. Dungeons. Custom hunts, quests, bosses and items. - Boss raids in special rooms + raids on hunting grounds (eg Izcandar Champion of Summer respawns periodically on summer elves exp)! - Special Task system for monsters from hunting grounds - A new boss room has been added for everyone! Points system We promote players who reach a certain achievement with premium points: - New, better proffesion balance ! we also added places such as Issavi, Roshamuul, Oramond and Krailos, for players who like to play Real Tibia, everyone can enter for free as well, there are also cities with all npc, and houses, if in the main city ran out of them Start 25th of August! Let's go to register! Remember - If you want Free premium points, create guild with 10+ players. If everyone will have 200+ lvl, you all get free points :) RealValorian.net Official Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0EiYkvE1GI
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