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Found 5 results

  1. • Global updated. • All items updated and working. • Prey System running. • Imbuing System running. • All addons and outfits including Retro. • Mounts 100% working • New monsters 100% • Roshamuul (Lower Roshamuul) Quest • Forgotten Knowledge Quest • Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest • Deepling Outfit Quest • LVL 999 port • Heart of Destruction Quest • Cast System with exclusive commands • Reward Chest divided correctly • Hotkey Equip with anti wpe • New Bank System (you do not have to carry gold coin with you at all times) • Walkable Fields (Monsters do not go through certain fields, unless they are attacked) • Anti-Kick Protection • Regeneration of Stamina in offline and online coaching • Global Frag System with the command !frags or !kills with command !pz know the time of your pz. • Cleaning of houses after 5 days inactive • Exhibition of blessings (Team with golden edges as long as you have all blessings) • Wrap Furniture System (packaging of decorative items) • Golden Tokens System (Critical Weapon Creation / Leech - NPC Yana) • Silver Tokens System (NPC Cledwyn) • Automatic PvP events, Battlefield - Last Man Standing - Zombie - Bomberman - Snowball - Castle War Guild • Private War with several options for better team balancing (War Anti-entrosa) • Otherworld, Krailos, Gray beach, Roshamuul with resources, Halls of Hope Warzone I, II, III, Ascendant Ferumbras, Hearth of Destruction, Grimvale etc ... 100% • New Vocations Wizard, Shaman, Scout, Hunter, Soldier and Warrior • Guia3d world with new cities http://uatibia.com/register.php - Create Account http://uatibia.com/createcharacter.php - Create Character http://uatibia.com/downloads.php - Download Client
  2. Website: www.Frozeria.net IP: Frozeria.net Client: 8.60 Map: Evo&Custom Rune Type: Limited and Unlimited runes Port: 7171! Looking for a fun custom OT who can bring back your old evolution, armonia, roxor and all other map memories? Frozeria.net from the creators of original Frozeria, HelveticaOT, Loveria, Heroland, Carloria and others! We bring you the most unique and advanced developed custom map ever with over 200 + quests, 500 + spawns, 500 + missions, 100 + bosses, 100 + custom spells, more then 20 diffrent Equipment sets and much more. We also offer alot of diffrent unique Free Points system. For example if you are online for 12 hours you recieve 50 Premium Points, if you complete missions you recieve premium Points from 25-500. You can also kill bosses, do quests, level up, win events and do special stages to recieve Free Premium Points. These Free Points system makes this OT playable without donating since you can obtain every donate item by playing the server. (We have more Free Points System ingame) Alot of spawns and diffrent monsters We bring you 1 spawn room for level 100-2000 with 30 spawns, with missions for each spawn. Another spawn room will be unlocked once you reach level 2000 with 10 new spawns. (New missions is also available to get in this spawn room) Once you reach level 3000 you will be ready to enter Chryse. Chryse is a big custom Island where you can gather items to upgrade your Equipment, Gather creature Products to sustain your economy, kill bosses who drops premium Points and chance of dropping donate items. (Required a team to kill these bosses). Chryse also has a unique team hunt system where you can spawn monsters for Money to maximize your exp. (Power Hunting) On chryse you will find alot of unique quests but one outstanding quest is our second hourly furniture quest. You can complete this quest once every second hour. Reward is experience and you can complete and gain this experience every second hour. This is just a few things that Frozeria has to offer.... What are you waiting for invite ur friends and get online now! 1-500 15000x 501-1000 10000x 1001-1500 7500x 1501-2000 5000x 2001-2500 4000x 2501-3000 2500x 3001-3000 2000x 3501-4000 1500x 4001-4500 1250x 4501-5000 1000x 5001-5500 800x 5501-6000 500x 6001-7000 300x 7001-9999 200x 10000 + 100x Exp from players 1.2x Skill rate 20x Magic rate 15x Loot rate 3x Free Points At level : 200 Free premium points at level 3000! 250 Free premium points at level 3500! 300 Free premium points at level 4000! 400 Free premium points at level 4500! 500 Free premium points at level 5000! 750 Free premium points at level 5500! 1000 Free premium points at level 6000! 1500 Free premium points at level 6500! 2500 Free premium points at level 7000! Free Points on missions ! We offer 200 + custom mission who gives premium points. Mission manager I, Mission Manager II, Mission Manager III will give you missions where you can recieve premium points and more. On top of these mission's there is also Stage Missions, Team Hunt Missions, Boss Missions and alot of side mission NPC's all over the map. Completing missions is a great way to recieve free premium points. We offer you lots of different events on Frozeria. Exp event, Fire Storm Event, Last Man Standing, Mini battle event, Zombie event, run event and more. Zombie Event is hosted every third hour. Zombie event, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor against the zombies. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Mini Battle Event: 20:30 (CEST) Everyday. Mini Battle, at 20:30 (CEST) every day we gather up all players with a level of 100 or higher for a big war event. Players will be devided into 2 teams, where the goal for each team is to get 25 frags first. Each player in the winning team is rewarded with 300 Premium points. LMS is hosted every day at random times. Last man standing, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor against in the arena against other players. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Exp Event is hosted every sixth hour. Exp Event, 1-5 exp events is spawning in an arena depending on how many players who joined the event. Kill the event bosses and gain exp. Reward: Experience and gold nuggets! Firestorm Event: 20:00 (CEST) Everyday. Firestorm event, your mission in this event is to be the last survivor of a fire rain. Winner is rewarded with 300 Premium points. Run Event is hosted everyday 17:00 and 22:00(CEST) . Every participating players speed is the same, speed boosting items & spells have no effect. The whole event area is a no-pvp zone. A small tip is to have either "exani tera" or a rope in your hotkeys as you will need it. Crafting System You have the possibility to upgrade your current mythical item (to demonical), and demonical item (to iceborn, forestkeeper or flamebringer) with an NPC at Chyrse Boat, you do however need to bring him some items in exchange, talk to him to find out more. You can also upgrade your legendary runes with a similar system at rune crafter + 1 temple. After this you simply just chose the item you want to craft and type it to the npc. YB_5ONw70WA
  3. Boa tarde galera do Xtibia, estou tendo alguns problemas ao pesquisar aqui no Xtibia, de Links quebrados em relação a download e etc, então como dei uma grande pesquisada não só aqui como em outros fóruns também e não achei muita coisa, gostaria de pedir o link de download ou as próprias scripts de alguns eventos por aqui. Obs: Peguei um servidor base 8.6 sem eventos nenhum sem nenhuma script adicionada, peguei ele cru e estou adicionando eu mesmo todos os eventos possíveis. [1] Evento Dota (Se possível ele em MOD) [2] SnowBall War [3] The Lightbearer [4] BattleField [5] Rush War Event E se tiver mais alguns ai podem postar o link ou o próprio conteúdo ... No final Se alguém quiser pegar o conteúdo do topic e criar uma lista para facilitar o pessoal que procura por eventos, fiquem a vontade.
  4. FAÇA BACKUP DA PASTA MONSTERS E CREATURESCRIPTS ANTES DE UTILIZAR! Funciona para todas as versões TFS 0.3.6+ ate TFS 1.2 (Provavelmente funciona para outras tambem mas não me dei o trabalho de testar) Introdução: Bem, como o titulo mesmo diz, o script vai criar e modificar todos os monstros para terem scripts default (Caso o monstro não tenha script) e tambem pode adicionar creaturescripts default, exemplo o onDeath. Code: monsterevent.lua local dir = "./data/monster/" local csdir = "./data/creaturescripts/" local monstersXML = "monsters.xml" local csXML = "creaturescripts.xml" local csTag = '\n <event type="%t" name="%n" script="%s"/>' -- Tag format on creaturescripts.xml (%t = type, %n = name, %s = script) local defaultText = [[function onCreatureAppear(self, creature) return false end function onCreatureDisappear(self, creature) return false end function onCreatureMove(self, creature, oldPosition, newPosition) return false end function onCreatureSay(self, creature, type, message) return false end function onThink(self, interval) return false end]] local events = { ["monsterdeath"] = {type = "death", file="monsterdeath.lua", defaultText=[[ function onDeath(cid, corpse, lasthitkiller, mostdamagekiller, lasthitunjustified, mostdamageunjustified) return true end]]}, } ------- Não edite a partir dessa linha se nao souber o que esta fazendo. function parseXML(file) local ret = {["monster"] = {}, ["event"] = {}} local data = "" for line in file:lines() do data = data .. line .. "\n" line = line:match("<(.-)/>") if line then local element = line:match("^%s*(.-)%s") if element == "monster" or element == "event" then local t = {} for i, x in line:gmatch('%s+(.-)="(.-)"') do t[i] = x end table.insert(ret[element], t) end end end return ret, data:sub(1, #data-1) end function init() ----- Parsing monsters.xml ----- local monstersfile = io.open(dir .. monstersXML, "r") print("Parsing XML " .. dir .. monstersXML .. "...") local xmltable = parseXML(monstersfile) monstersfile:close() -------------------------------- -- Creating scripts directory -- local testfile = io.open(dir .. "scripts/test", "w") if not testfile then os.execute("mkdir data\\monster\\scripts") print("Directory " .. dir .. "scripts has been created.") else testfile:close() end os.remove(dir .. "scripts/test") --------------------------------- ------ Creating default.lua ------- local defaultlua = io.open(dir .. "scripts/default.lua", "w") defaultlua:write(defaultText) defaultlua:close() print("File " .. dir .. "scripts/default.lua has been created.") --------------------------------- ---- Modify all monsters XML! ---- local modified = 0 for i, contents in ipairs(xmltable["monster"]) do local monsterxml = io.open(dir .. contents.file, "r") if monsterxml then local xmldata = monsterxml:read("*a") local _mod = false local s, f, content = xmldata:find("<monster%s(.-)>") local r, p, cs = content:find('script="(.-)"') monsterxml:close() newc = content if not cs then xmldata = xmldata:gsub(content, newc .. ' script="default.lua"') _mod = true elseif cs ~= "default.lua" then print('Warning: The file "' .. contents.file .. '" already has a script.') end local s, f, content = xmldata:find("<monster%s(.-)>") local x, q, scriptcontent = xmldata:find("<script>(.-)</script>") local readyevents = {} local addevents = "" if scriptcontent then for line in scriptcontent:gmatch("(.-)\n") do local event = line:match('<event%s-name="(.-)"') if event then readyevents[event] = true end end end for event, _c in pairs(events) do if not readyevents[event] then addevents = addevents .. '<event name="' .. event .. '"/>\n' end end if addevents ~= "" then _mod = true if scriptcontent and scriptcontent:find("event") then xmldata = xmldata:gsub(scriptcontent, scriptcontent .. addevents) elseif x and q then xmldata = xmldata:sub(1, x-1) .. xmldata:sub(q+1) xmldata = xmldata:sub(1, f) .. "\n<script>\n" .. addevents .. "\n</script>" .. xmldata:sub(f+1) else xmldata = xmldata:sub(1, f) .. "\n<script>\n" .. addevents .. "\n</script>" .. xmldata:sub(f+1) end end if xmldata then if _mod then modified = modified+1 end local monsterxmlwrite = io.open(dir .. contents.file, "w") monsterxmlwrite:write(xmldata) monsterxmlwrite:close() else print("Error in: " .. contents.name) end else print("Warning: Error opening file " .. contents.file) end end print("Total monsters XML modified: " .. modified) ---------------------------------- --- Parsing creaturescripts.xml -- local csfile = io.open(csdir .. csXML, "r") print("Parsing XML " .. csdir .. csXML .. "...") local csxmltable, xmldata = parseXML(csfile) csfile:close() ---------------------------------- --- Modify creaturescripts.xml --- local _mod = false local readytags = {} for i, contents in ipairs(csxmltable["event"]) do if events[contents.name] then readytags[contents.name] = true end end for event, contents in pairs(events) do if not readytags[event] then _mod = true local currenttag = csTag currenttag = currenttag:gsub("%%t", contents.type) currenttag = currenttag:gsub("%%n", event) currenttag = currenttag:gsub("%%s", contents.file) local r, w = xmldata:find("<creaturescripts>") xmldata = xmldata:sub(1, w) .. currenttag .. xmldata:sub(w+1) end end if _mod then local csfilewrite = io.open(csdir .. csXML, "w") csfilewrite:write(xmldata) csfilewrite:close() print("Modified " .. csdir .. csXML) end ---------------------------------- ----- Creating event scripts ----- print("Creating lua creaturescripts...") for event, contents in pairs(events) do local luafile = io.open(csdir .. "scripts/" .. contents.file, "w") luafile:write(contents.defaultText) luafile:close() end ---------------------------------- print("All the modifications were done.") return true end local check = io.open("meventsinstall.lua", "r") if not check then local ret = init() if ret then local file = io.open("meventsinstall.lua", "w") file:write("true") file:close() end else check:close() end Explicando o que o code realmente faz: O code vai ser executado somente uma vez e vai editar todos os monstros do seu OTServer presentes no monsters.xml adicionando um script default, que seria o defaultText presente no inicio do code (So funciona em TFS 1.0+) e tambem ira adicionar eventos ao XML do monstro sem remover os que ja existem (se existirem). Depois disso ele ira editar o creaturescripts.xml para criar a tag do evento e tambem criar o script que esta na tabela events. Como instalar: TFS 0.3.6: Só botar ele na pasta lib do seu OT que ele ja vai executar quando voce abrir o executavel. TFS 1.x: Bote o code na pasta "lib\core" e edite o core.lua nessa pasta adicionando essa linha: dofile('data/lib/core/monstersevent.lua') Se voce fizer tudo certo deve aparecer isso quando voce abrir o server: Você pode rodar o script novamente deletando o arquivo "meventsinstall.lua" que sera criado na pasta do server, ele soh ira adicionar algo se voce mudar alguma coisa no code. Porque usar esse code: Não usar funçoes como onAttack, onSpawn entre outras para registrar eventos em monstros. Usar as funçoes onCreatureAppear, onCreatureDisappear, onCreatureMove, onCreatureSay e onThink em todos os monstros do server (TFS 1.0+)
  5. gente nao sei se estou na area certa mais eu baixei um ot mt bom mapa tudo que eu precisava mais veio com dois bugs e futuramente pode me atrapalhar que são ERROS: OTSYS_SQLITE3_PREPARE(): SQLITE ERROR: no such table: z_ots_comunication (SELECT * FROM z_ots_comunication WHERE "type" = 'login' Error during getDataInt(vipdays). QUEM PUDER AJUDAR..... ESSE ERRO DO Error during getDataInt(vipdays). ELE DA QUANDO ENTRA EM ALGUM PORTAL RELACIONADO A VIP ACHO QUE É ISSo esse bug da quando entra em algum portal vip ou outros portais. meu quem puder me ajudar ai vlw. do rep+ para quem solucionar meu problema obrigado e desculpe se estou na área errada.
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