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Found 3 results

  1. Guia3d O Guia3d é uma emulação MMORPG gratuita, que cria um servidor de mundo de jogo próprio, baseado na versão 8.60 do Tibia da CIPSoft. É uma bifurcação do projeto OpenTibia Server. Getting Started Calculadora de bandeiras Flags HERE. otserv(schema-mysql).sql conta padrão // senha é tibia // tibia. O servidor mais antigo O Guia3d foi o 36º servidor registrado no otservlist.org. Servidor Tibia mantido por vários voluntários bondosos Atolon, GM Shamy, GM Luistox, GM Banalot, GM Thorun, GM Knight Liberty, GM Spinm, GM SimOne, GM Bah, GM Albert el rei, GM Freddy, GM Acdv, GM Yetzi, GM Inoue, GM Jhonzam, GM Ayaxx, GM Joseph and GM Tatuy. Questões e Suporte If you need help, please visit our Discord Group. Mapa Baixar (Download) Faça o download em mediafire.com AQUI. Scan AQUI.
  2. We are online now! Ultima Alianza Tibia is a serious longterm lowrate RPG game with multiple worlds around the globe! We combine the classic map of Guia3d with the Global map. For information, please visit the website: http://uatibia.com Create your account already here: http://uatibia.com/register.php Download the custom client to play here: http://uatibia.com/downloads.php IP: uatibia.com Port: 7171 Release date: [Saturday, November 10, 2018].
  3. • Global updated. • All items updated and working. • Prey System running. • Imbuing System running. • All addons and outfits including Retro. • Mounts 100% working • New monsters 100% • Roshamuul (Lower Roshamuul) Quest • Forgotten Knowledge Quest • Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest • Deepling Outfit Quest • LVL 999 port • Heart of Destruction Quest • Cast System with exclusive commands • Reward Chest divided correctly • Hotkey Equip with anti wpe • New Bank System (you do not have to carry gold coin with you at all times) • Walkable Fields (Monsters do not go through certain fields, unless they are attacked) • Anti-Kick Protection • Regeneration of Stamina in offline and online coaching • Global Frag System with the command !frags or !kills with command !pz know the time of your pz. • Cleaning of houses after 5 days inactive • Exhibition of blessings (Team with golden edges as long as you have all blessings) • Wrap Furniture System (packaging of decorative items) • Golden Tokens System (Critical Weapon Creation / Leech - NPC Yana) • Silver Tokens System (NPC Cledwyn) • Automatic PvP events, Battlefield - Last Man Standing - Zombie - Bomberman - Snowball - Castle War Guild • Private War with several options for better team balancing (War Anti-entrosa) • Otherworld, Krailos, Gray beach, Roshamuul with resources, Halls of Hope Warzone I, II, III, Ascendant Ferumbras, Hearth of Destruction, Grimvale etc ... 100% • New Vocations Wizard, Shaman, Scout, Hunter, Soldier and Warrior • Guia3d world with new cities http://uatibia.com/register.php - Create Account http://uatibia.com/createcharacter.php - Create Character http://uatibia.com/downloads.php - Download Client
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