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[poland][8.6] feba.mine.nu - the best real map legend server ever!

http://feba.mine.nu/ new edition legend real map!
New edition of the best real map server ever starts on 24.04.2017 at 20:00 polish time.

lso we would like to tell you that a year has passed since we started the first Feba Ots (28.03.2010). During this time the server has become one of the leader in the open tibia servers world! We know how to protect our server against ddos attack so quality and stability are in the first place!

table engine, which can handle 1000 players! We are prepared to welcome 1000 players from the whole world during the server start!

o server DDoSing! How many times have you lost your items and got irritated because someone attacked the server you were playing on? Our current hosting data center HosTeam provides us with efficient firewall, which can prevent our server from DDoS attacks!

ew 'Green Town' for players who have done Gengia Hardcour Quest.
PvP Village is a island where you can learn how to doing wars and pk! It you die on this island you will not lose your lvls, skills and backpacks.

This is not all, join us to see what a wonderful server it is!

Server specification:
Intel Xeon Processor X3440 4x 2x 2.53+ GHz
1 x 0.25 TB

1 Gbps

Poznan - Wielkopolska

Tibia 8.6

Exp stages:
Level: 1-50 : 350x
Level: 51-100 : 280x
Level: 101-130 : 120x
Level: 131-150 : 60x
Level: 151-170 : 30x
Level: 171-190 : 15x
Level: 191-200 : 8x
Level: 201-220 : 6x
Level: 221-280 : 3x
Level: 281+ : 2x

PVP Protection:
100 lvl

Skill Rate:

Magic Level Rate:

Loot Rate:

Frags & skull system
# redSkullLength = 1day
# blackSkullLength = 3 days
# dailyFragsToRedSkull = 20
# dailyFragsToBlackSkull = 25

Map: Edited REAL MAP
+ ZAO + Farmine + Oken + Gengia + Pyre + Travora
+ Itea + Ithilien + Vinera + PVP Village + RAZACHAI + other smaller islands

# Free Pacc
# Free 5cc in 45lvl
# Free 5cc in 100lvl
# Balanced vocations
# Great guild wars
# Top Frags
# Top Guilds
# Professional Mapping
# All Working Potions
# This isnt all, join us to see what a wonderful server this is!

Restarts? As long as there are players on this server there will not be any restarts on FEBA OTS.

This content is only visible to registered users.

On Feba Ots when you are promoted to the specified lvl you reward points to sms shop which you can spent on a great and very powerfull items!




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