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  1. Eu tenho um erro no pokebar usado no OTC. Ao momento do usar pokebar a distro manda erro: E no client o char so falha: "/poke Rattata" Meu some functions.lua
  2. eu tenho este erro "Cannot open include file: 'corecrt.h': No such file on directory."
  3. como posso fazer que pra cada monstro da uma determinada quantia de points?
  4. tem que mudar o pass do mysql sqlPass = ""
  5. Troca esta linha: sqlType = "sqlite" pra sqlType = "mysql" e sqlPass = "pass do mysql no xampp"
  6. Nibeils, pode fixar o link do Patch 1.1a? eu no posso clickar no link
  7. Hey people!! Im gonna give you all my recopilation and all my own systems because I closed my server (too much work for 2 persons ) Recopilation: -Full Bike System By Me: -Full Saffari System Edited By Me: -BOX 4 Mission Quest Edited By Me. -GhostWalk for shinys. -Emoticons Edited By Me. -Pokemon Change Sex Talkaction Adapted By Me. -Quest List Talkaction By Me. -Cassino Reward System Based On Fighting Tower By Me! Thats all for now people, soon Im gonna put more systems!
  8. eu consegui fazer o talkaction para mudar o sex do pokemons e no talkactions.xml add <talkaction log="yes" words="/pokesex" access="5" event="script" value="pokesex.lua"/>
  9. eu to com erro no move1 com passives [01/02/2012 18:11:05] [Error - TalkAction Interface] [01/02/2012 18:11:05] data/talkactions/scripts/move1.lua:onSay [01/02/2012 18:11:05] Description: [01/02/2012 18:11:05] data/lib/pokemon moves.lua:4903: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'hands' (a nil value) [01/02/2012 18:11:05] stack traceback: [01/02/2012 18:11:05] data/lib/pokemon moves.lua:4903: in function 'docastspell' [01/02/2012 18:11:05] data/talkactions/scripts/move1.lua:138: in function <data/talkactions/scripts/move1.lua:20> eu tenho otro erro [01/02/2012 18: