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A dedicated host server, in the most stable (no reset) and competitive version, with Full Real Tibia map, including all NPCs, Port Hope, monsters and 100% RL Quests.

Are you ready for the adventure?

Client: 7.4
Map: 7.4 Global Full.

Exp: x2
Skills: x2
Magic: custom
Loot: custom


No protection zone on all Boats and Rugs.
Vocations and Spells with Tibia formula 7.4.
Task System implemented.
Party Sharing Experience party experience earns 30% bonus (! Share).
Auto-stack items

Conjure Runes and 2x Ammo.
Conjure Runes in the backpack.
Burst Arrows based on magic level.
Mages conjure more runes. (e.g., adori vita vis = 2 SDs)
Damage increased by 10% for Knights and Paladins.

They do not sell runes.
You can buy Mana Fluid in bps: "buy bp mf"
You can buy Life Fluid in bps: "buy bp lf"
You can buy blank rune in bps: "buy bp br"
Rashid is obtained through the '' Postman '' quest.
Eremo sells Amulet of Loss.
Stone Skin Amulet does not sell on NPCs, droplets of monsters like Warlock and Hydra.
See you in game!

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