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RealOTX com CastSystem


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Tópico Original




- Engine: OTX 2.X.S.4 LORD ZEDD (Latest revision)- Real Map 7.72- Real Npcs 7.72- Real Monsters- Real Spells- CastSystem - AntiDupe Items- WarSystem (Withouth Shields)- AutoStack- Offiline Training- Stamina (Work with !stamina)- Stacked Parcels/Boxes/Crates etc is blocking movement- Loot message on screen- Party Shared Exp- Spells unlocked by reaching required magic level for specific spell- Bank system- Todas as funções introduzidas desde 7,4 a 9,85 - E muitos mais ....

Downloads: https://github.com/brewsterl/RealOTX-7.72
Fontes: https://github.com/brewsterl/RealOTX-7.72/tree/master/sources
Você pode ajudar com este projeto: https://github.com/brewsterl/RealOTX-7.72/pulls
Você pode relatar problemas aqui: https://github.com/brewsterl/RealOTX-7.72/issues
Como compilar (Linux & Windowx): https://github.com/brewsterl/RealOTX-7.72/wiki

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