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Found 6 results

  1. Servidor • IP - www.alvoria-ats.com • Client - 10x • Port - 7171 • Uptime - 24/7 Rates • Experiência: 16x (Stages) • Skill: 30 • Magic: 7x • Loot: 3x As you can see, in recent weeks the server walked a little "stopped", it was given to the fact that in February, we passed several problems related to the server infrastructure, bugs, balancing, something that has already been solved, but which at that time meant that the number of players fell enough. I come across this message, warning you that you're almost ready for our Reset total database. That's right, I apologize for being so sudden that decision. This was necessary so that we can continue on the server, an update to recent updates is being prepared and will be available soon at most, you already know how our server is complete and stable with what you have, below some features found in the server: »Reformulated Cast System (! Cast on /! Cast off). »Events every day (Battlefield). »Raids Automatic (+25 Raids). »Reward Level 30 & 60. »Experience Shared. »Our website has been completely redesigned. »Free Bless to level 80. »eam Active Support with in-game and off-game. »Created a thematic city Roshamuz also added the famous Boss Gaz'Haragoth. »New Hunt Demon & Hellspawn. »New Hunt Serpent Spawn & Medusa in Canavera. »New Hunt Killer Caiman in Ravenshore. »New Hunt Warlock (need to use Pick) south of Nomad Village. »New Quest (Dwarven Legs) located in Intiri volcano. »New & Mounts New Items added to the Shop. "Error correction on the map. »Fix reported bugs.
  2. Tulio271


    Mudei meu server pata TFS 1.2 versão 10.91 e esse script aqui nao funciona alguem poderia arrumar para min? function onSay(cid, words, param)local config = {pz = false, -- players precisam estar em protection zone para usar? (true or false)battle = true, -- players deve estar sem battle (true or false)custo = false, -- se os teleport irão custa (true or false)need_level = false, -- se os teleport irão precisar de level (true or false)vip = false -- se precisa ser premium account (true or false)}--[[ Config lugares]]--local lugar = {["demolay"] ={ -- pos = {x=1229, y=990, z=7},level = 1,price = 0},["fidelitas"] ={ --pos = {x=1023, y=1026, z=7},level = 1,price = 0},["shopping"] ={ -- pos = {x=1044, y=1052, z=7},level = 1,price = 0},["tpfree"] = { --pos = {x=1108, y=998, z=7},level = 1,price = 0},["tpfree2"] = { --pos = {x=1248, y=1070, z=7},level = 1,price = 0},["tpvip2"] = { --pos = {x=1249, y=1064, z=7},level = 1,price = 0},["tpvip"] = { -- pos = {x=1108, y=1028, z=7},level = 1,price = 0},} local a = lugar[param]if not(a) thendoPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, "As cidades que você pode ir são: demolay, fidelitas")doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_STATUS_CONSOLE_BLUE, "Os lugares que você pode ir são: shopping, tpfree, tpfree2, tpvip, tpvip2")doSendMagicEffect(getCreaturePosition(cid), CONST_ME_POFF)return TRUEelseif config.vip == true and not isVip(cid) thendoPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_EVENT_DEFAULT, "Apenas contas vip tem esse recurso.")return TRUEelseif config.battle == true and getCreatureCondition(cid, CONDITION_INFIGHT) == TRUE thendoPlayerSendTextMessage(cid, MESSAGE_EVENT_DEFAULT, "Você não pode se teleportar em uma batalha.")return TRUEenddoSendMagicEffect(getPlayerPosition(cid),27)doTeleportThing(cid, a.pos)doSendMagicEffect(getPlayerPosition(cid),40)return TRUEend
  3. está dando esse erro no meu servidor em varios monstros e eu nao conseigo resolver [Warning - Monsters::loadMonster] Cant load loot. data/monster/Monstros/giant spider.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><monster name="giant spider" nameDescription="a giant spider" race="VENOM" experience="900" speed="270" manacost="0"> <health now="1300" max="1300"/> <look type="38" head="0" body="0" legs="0" feet="0" corpse="5977"/> <targetchange interval="5000" chance="8"/> <strategy attack="100" defense="0"/> <flags> <flag summonable="0"/> <flag attackable="1"/> <flag hostile="1"/> <flag illusionable="0"/> <flag convinceable="0"/> <flag pushable="0"/> <flag canpushitems="1"/> <flag canpushcreatures="1"/> <flag targetdistance="1"/> <flag staticattack="90"/> <flag runonhealth="0"/> </flags> <attacks> <attack name="melee" interval="2000" skill="80" attack="75"/> <attack name="poisonfield" interval="1000" chance="13" range="7" radius="1" target="1"> <attribute key="shootEffect" value="poison"/> </attack> <attack name="earth" interval="2000" chance="12" range="7" target="1" min="-40" max="-70"> <attribute key="shootEffect" value="poison"/> </attack> </attacks> <defenses armor="30" defense="30"> <defense name="speed" interval="1000" chance="6" speedchange="290" duration="20000"/> </defenses> <elements> <element firePercent="-10"/> <element energyPercent="20"/> <element icePercent="20"/> </elements> <immunities> <immunity earth="1"/> <immunity invisible="1"/> </immunities> <summons maxSummons="2"> <summon name="poison spider" interval="1000" chance="20" max="2"/> </summons> <loot> <item id="2148" countmax="60" chance1="1000" chancemax="0"/> --Gold <item id="2463" chance="1000"/> <item id="2171" chance="800"/> --P ammy <item id="2459" chance="2000"/> <item id="2148" countmax="50" chance1="1000" chancemax="0"/> --Gold <item id="2476" chance="500"/> --Knight Armor <item id="2477" chance="800"/> --Knight legs <item id="2478" chance="1000"/> --Brass Legs <item id="2169" chance="900"/> --Time ring </loot></monster>
  4. Boa tarde povo do tibia. Estou enfrentando problemas com a conexão local, explicando melhor: Eu abro o Global 10.91, e vai sem erro. no Config.lua eu deixei com o IP da internet, todos conseguem conectar... porém eu não consigo conectar pelo meu ip local que seria ( ou localhost ou, nenhum desses funciona. E quando tento pelo IP da internet, seja pelo no-ip ou meu IP da internet mesmo, não funciona (de alguma forma meu roteador bloqueia, mas ok) Mas a questão é que com o servidor 8.6 eu conseguia conectar pelo ip local, e o global 1.2 não consigo... Alguem sabe a solução disso? Seria alguma diferença na distro do global?
  5. START ON 21/03 19:00 ~~ Introduction & About ~~ Antera is a real map server with four years of activity, with the exception of the beta. The goal of Antera and function as an alternative Tibia server for those players who are looking for a more casual game regardless of playing time. The rates of Antera were well adjusted so that players have an experience in level superior to any other server, with challenging elements to achieve new levels and complete difficult quests that were kept. We hope to be able to create a new Open Tibia server that will be able to compete with the most popular servers and for a long time. ~~ General Basic Information, Features & Highlights ~~ Experience Stages [#] From: 1 - 29 = 40x [#] From: 30 - 49 = 35x [#] From: 50 - 69 = 25x [#] From: 70 - 99 = 15x [#] From: 100 - 124 = 10x [#] From: 125 - 149 = 6x [#] From: 150 - 179 = 5x [#] From: 180 - 269 = 3x [#] From: 270+ = 2x Others Rates Magic Level: 8x Loot: 3x Skill: 8x Spawn: 1x IP - antera-global.com Client - 10.90 Port - 7171 Location - Canada Uptime - 24/7 (With an exception for the server save and updates) New areas 10.82/10.90 New items 10.90 New monsters/npcs/mounts 10.90 Umbral Creation Reward System Bosses Prison Roshamuul Oramond full included seacrest ground e glooth factory Cast System Casino Area Raids Battlefield Event Experience Shared Krailos New Arena Tibia.com Ferumbras' Ascendant Quest Equip HOTKEY And much more... Team active, Support Loot based on TibiaWiki Statistics System, Cast System Questlogs 95% of quests Frequent events made by staff SHOP exclusive benefits, Shop Offer Balanced vocations We are eager to know the players who will play on Antera - if you would like to contact us outside the server, you can do so through the Forum or Facebook. Welcome to Antera! Team antera-global.com
  6. http://legendofchaos.com.br Venha ser o TOP! Estamos recrutando Tutores!!! 10.91! Todas as quests runes infinitas!
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