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Versão do Servidor: TFS - 1.0
Tipo de Script: npc


Preciso de ajuda com o sistema de NPC duel da base psoul.

Consigo startar a luta normalmente, porém, nao consigo atacar o pokemon do npc. (Você nao pode atacar esta criatura)

Mesma coisa acontece com os lideres de gym.

Alguem ja teve esse problema ?

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    • By olddies
      Classicot Abit Special Server Never Seen.

      Classicot is a server based on the leaked CipSoft files from 2006 version 7.70 that means we are using the exact formulas as original Tibia doe’s but with some modification's to the spells, runes and vocation's to fit the old system gameplay, this server is being developed since 2017 and we are there finally. We are using a completely 7.40 based server to launch Classicot 7.10, if you remember what was the gameplay between 7.10 and 7.40 the difference is only Visual, Game Mechanics and Map also the skull's system didn't exist in that version but we keep them here to maintain the fair gameplay, as mentioned before we are using the official tracked CipSoft map from 7.40 and downgraded to 7.10, removed level door's, edited the map to look like it was back in 7.10, we invite you and your friend*'s to play this first edition of Classicot Launching this October 16!!

      [Launching 2 Server's]
       Antica, located in America (South) with regular PvP combat  Lunara, located in Germany with regular PvP combat

      [Server Information]:
      Version: 7.10
      Port: 7171
      Map: Original Map 7.10
      Support: Directx9 & OpenGL
      Shared Party Experience (Premium only)
      Anti-Bot System
      Houses: 100%
      Spawns: 100%
      NPC's: 100%
      Quests: 100%
      Tasks: No!

      [Server Rates]:
      Exp: 1x
      Skill: 1x
      Magic: 1x
      Loot: 1x
      Regeneration: 1x

      -Promotion lowered to (10k)
      -Properly oldchool UHTrap
      -Monster's No diagonal pathing
      -Monster's No run away on low hp
      -Monster's Always attempt to attack in melee range
      -Monster's Cant cross fields if they are not immune to them
      -Monster's Strong creatures didnt kill weaker creatures on the way
      -Monster's No retargetting

      Cheating is strictly forbidden under the threat of deletion of all accounts that belong to, or are played by, the offender.
      Keep in mind that you are supposed to play the game yourself, not to have a tool or program play it for you. Doing so gives you an unfair advantage over players who invest time and effort to gain power. Using unofficial software such as a macro program or a so-called "tasker" or "bot" to automatically execute actions in Classicot for you may lead to a punishment. Thus, play fair. It is allowed to have only 1 character online at a time ( No MC )

      [Old items!]
      All the old items exist and they are completely identical to what they used to be in version 7.10 of Tibia.
      Amulet of Life is the replacement of amulet of loss with blessings ( wich cost 75k )
      [Old creatures!]
      All creatues are completely identical to how they used to be in version 7.10 of Tibia.
      Creatures will behave as they used to do, formulas are the same and the loot dropped by creatures are accurate!

      [Old runes and spells!]
      Runes can be conjured by players x1 and bought from other players.
      Spells can be used by reaching a certain required magic level for a specific spell.

      Account creation is open now!!
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    • By StrikersBR12
      Pessoal estou com um problema que é o seguinte independente de qual ball use o pokemon capturado sempre vem na pokeball normal como posso resolver?
      tem uma parte no configuration na pasta lib que tem o nome ico e la os poks so tem on, off e use com a ball normal
    • By No Face
      Boa Noite pessoal, eu sou Administrador de um PokeTibia e eu resolvi entrar para ver o que estava acontecendo, ao entrar no jogo me reportaram um erro de um NPC, a função dele é pedir itens para o jogador, e ao entregar os itens ele automaticamente some e o portal aparece, ele retorna ao mesmo lugar depois de 15 minutos para que outro player possa fazer o mesmo. Porém o erro dele, causou efeito contrário, ao invés do NPC estar no lugar, o que aparece é o portal e ao entrar nesse portal o jogador é teleportado automaticamente para o templo, ou seja, ao invés do NPC estar lá, aparece apenas o portal, e não há como ir para a hunt/cave por que o NPC não está lá para recolher os itens.
        Alguém poderia me ajudar com isso? Eu consegui o cargo de ADM a 4 dias e por isso não sei muito bem o que fazer para resolver esse problema.
    • By dso15
      Salve pessoal, Preciso compilar a source, do Psoul essa aqui Source Server.zip
      Estou Usando o Stians Repack Dev-Cpp 0.2, 64bit
      Está ocorendo este erro 

      Troquei de DEV e deu esse erro 

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