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Found 7 results

  1. Server Information: - 10.98 highrate custom map with teleports - Website: Latestnews - Raxandor Website - IP: raxandor.pl - PORT: 7171 - Vesrion 10.98 custom OTC - Worldtype: PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system) General Information - Unique 8 Classes with 16 Sub-Classes! - Upgrade System create powerful items! - Reborn System make you character stronger! - Craft System craft strong SET and Weapons! - Promotion and Sub-Class Quests! - Unique Skills! Foto down! - Auto Loot System with auto pickup gold and send to bank! - Events with Item Shop Items! Events - Weapon Effects each weapon have special attacks more here: - Spirit System Spirit is the spirit of race. There are 8 types. Each of them strengthens your character. - Bosses each boss can drop material for best EQ in game! - Monster Level 5-100 increase Exp, Atk, HP and Speed! max 20% more! Sever Configuration: - Exp rate: starts at 500x - Loot rate: 5x - Skill rate: 5x - Magic level rate:5x Premium: - Gain 25% more exp - Gold drop +10% - Duration forever! VIP: - Gain 25% more exp - Access to VIP Castel with new EXPs - VIP Dummy faster skilling! - Stamina Room walking gain stamina! - Gold drop +20% https://www.youtube.com/embed/FcOs5LvzIt8
  2. http://www.baiakera-war.com ip: baiakera-war.com FREE DONATE ITENS NO SHOP DO SITE - CONFERE -> http://www.baiakera-war.com/?subtopic=shopsystem (RESETADO ) ABRE QUINTA-FEIRA NOVAMENTE - Crie já sua conta http://www.baiakera-war.com/?subtopic=createaccount Baiakera, um server com um mapa Baiak custom editado. Contamos com várias quests e 8 eventos, PVP dinâmico com as vocações balanceadas e muito mais para garantir a sua diversão. Bugs sendo fixados diariamente pela equipe do server. Venham conferir o mais novo servidor! Eventos; Defende The Tower Team Battle Snow Ball War Castle 48h Castle 24h Desert War BattleField Capture The Flag Zombie Event King Of Baiak NPC Event Seller (usado para trocar event coins por algo) Sistemas; Autoloot (para utiliza-lo usar o comando !autoloot) Cast system War Private (manutenção para melhorias) Addon Doll Stamina Refill Sistema de Doge NPC free vip Itens Sistema de informação dos Eventos Addon Bonus Server Info; PVP Protection: to 8 level Exp Rate: 1 - 200 level, 300x 201 - 250 level, 220x 251 - 300 level, 130x 301 - 350 level, 80x 351 - 400 level, 40x 401 - 450 level, 20x 451 - 500 level, 5x 501 - 550 level, 2x 551+ level, 0.5x Skill Rate: 25x Magic Rate: 10x Loot Rate: 8x Frags; Red Skull: 100 frags Black Skull: 500 Equipe sempre trazendo melhorias e diversão a todos os players! Eq. Baiakera http://www.baiakera-war.com/?subtopic=createaccount IMAGENS DO SERVIDOR ABAIXO!
  3. Servidor Bestbaiak.com 24h.Venham jogar esse incrivel servidor.*7 Eventos*Quest's exclusivas*Mapa feito para war. *Sistema de dodge e critical *Vocações equilibradas *Mais de 100 Respaws cavs exclusivas. www.bestbaiak.com ou 1/1 Venham conferir e chame seu time
  4. Dear users of Otland, im glad to show you effect of my work: IP: SworldOT.eu / 7171 Website: Home Site Account Create: Here TIBIA: 8.60 || MAP: CUSTOM/TP || EXP: STAGES START: FRIDAY 21.06.2013 - 6 PM Multiplers: Informations about Frags and skulls Daily Frags to Redskull: 25 Weekly Frags to Redskull: 120 Monthly Frags to Redskull: 500 Duration of Redskull: 24 hours. Duration of Whiteskull: 7 minutes Black Skull: OFF Our map consist of main continent with capital of sworld and five isles, which all has own city. Some areas may be similar to those that already may know. In addition to those all places there is also Teleport room, divided into 8 areas by categories: 4 of them are about experience, rest is about quests. Teleport Room is special here, becouse all of those places are unique. What this means in practice? You cant teleport by them to any place in our main map(capital+5 isles). Why is this that way? Players may choose what they want: TP's are easier way to find hunt area but if you decide to search it by your own, you may find better and less busy places. To travel around our map use Travel Agency which is placed in Temple! Some of courses has requirements which for example are: level restriction or you have to do some missions.. From Teleport room you can also access Arena Instances. Next thing, events i'll list some of them: Quiz Event Happy Hours Boss Hellground Designer Event PVP Event Hunter Event Luck Event Task/Achiv Race More about events you can read:Here! Some of Features on our server: Arena - Instances Task System Achievements System Starting from Citizen ONLY Addon Bonuses Free Addons for levels Rewards for other achievements(like sword fighting etc) Fair Play More info you can find:Here! Start: 21.06.2013r. 6PM(UTC+1) Start Event: - 10 First logged characters will get 100 gift points to use in gift-shop! - Players which achieve 100 lvl in hour after start will be rewarded with 50 gift points at 7PM. On our website you can find many interesting informations! For example: new spells, events, features, general infos and some other stuff DONT WAIT, VISIT US! Facebook Event#1 Today we will give out 50 gift point code on our facebook. All who like us on facebook will have a chance to get free points!! https://www.facebook.com/Sworldot.eu Today I want to show you some screen of main City of SworldOT.eu Depot SworldOT.eu Mermaid Comb Quest Deadly Gathering - Nightmare Outfit mission Nigthmare Shield Norseman Mission Travel Agency Admiral Mission Trainers Quest Hall Addons for lvl Beggar Addons quest TP Room SworldOT.eu Temple SworldOT.eu World of Sword and Magic | 8.60 Open Tibia Server Kind Regards Xevis
  5. Templo Rotworm Frente do Templo Mage Shop Depot (Thyranic) Barco Shops (Variados) Caminho para o barco Cidade (Casas) Saída (Leste) Task tower Galera se vocês gostaram do show off, peço para que deixem ai um Rep, só para me ajudar chegar no "10", agradesço desde já !
  6. http://tibia2.com/index.php?subtopic=latestnews EXP STAGES: 1-50 - x150 51-80 - x100 81-100 - x50 101-120 - x30 121-140 - x20 141-160 - x10 161-180 - x5 181+ - x3 Skills,Mlv & Loot: Skills: 15x Mlv: 7x Loot: 2x Real Map +New Locations: *Oken *Pyre *Gengia *Ethno *Galaxy *Zao *Razachai
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