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  1. !Online Server Information: Website: www.relicaria.ml Version: 7.5 graphics Uptime: 24/7 OFFICIAL START: xxxxxx Map content: Real Map 7.72 with PORT HOPE, POI & DEMON OAK QUESTS ADDED World type: PvP-Enforced With skulls(exp from player killing) Client: antibot 7.72 client NO HOTKEYS! Server Configuration: -Ingame Events -Capture The Flag Event -Zombie Event -Football Event Loot Rate: x4.0 Experience Rate: x7.0 Regeneration Rate: High Gameplay: Live Cast System NO PAY TO WIN ! (Free players have
  2. pm me i changed you xor source do tibianic client by my otclient dark theme!
  3. excelente tutorial mutio obrigado !!! bro como eu posso criar uma barra do mana acima do jogador pra otclient? porfavor ajuda levo muitos dias ficando por uma resposta obrigado do antemano