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Found 2 results

  1. Server Details Website: http://dbuniverse.net Discord: https://discord.com/invite/McVjZaDw?utm_source=Discord Widget&utm_medium=Connect Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dbuniverse.net/ Exp Rate: 1-49Lvl = 90 50-149Lvl= 80 150-299Lvl= 70 300-399Lvl= 40 400-599Lvl= 30 600Lvl= 8 No reborn limit Free 3 Days Premium Premium for gold Introduction Hello, glad to see you again guys! We changed some stuff and added new content that i will talk about it here. Poster ANDROID CLIENT CUSTOM CLIENT 41 VOCATION (41 Dragon ball vocations with 9 transforms and unique graphics each vocation contains Reborn and Super reborn so you are able to choose what you like) 21 ACHIEVEMENT (We added big system that will impact the gameplay drastically which is achievements, you can receive them by doing particular missions, and each achievement contains unique rewards like items, health, mana, exp boosts, ki-physical damage boosts and etc) 13 QUESTS (EVERY QUEST YOU CAN DO SOLO, IF UR SOLO PLAYERS ITS NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE 4 PLAYER TEAM TO DO ANIHILATORS) AUTO EVENTS (Auto events starts randomly with particular chance and time for doing events you recieve event points and event points can be trader for prices) SECRET MISSIONS (We added secret missions that arent mentioned anywhere is you gonna need to explore map to find them) DRAGON BALL, DRAGON BALL Z, DRAGON BALL GT, DRAGON BALL SUPER SAGA ITEM CRAFTING (Item crafter will be able to craft you any item you want for particular price) SKIN SYSTEM (Skins doesnt impact ur gameplayer in any way it just cosmetical change LEVEL REWARDS (Leveling will be more rewardible, because you'll be able to receive rewards once you reach particular level points) GALAXY PRISONER SYSTEM (Every 8 hours there will be chance that galaxy crystal will be spawned somewhere in the map, once you collect particular amount you'll be able to enter galaxy prison and choose ur enemy, and each enemy contains huge rewards) AND A LOT MORE... See you on start!
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