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Found 3 results

  1. DBVictory Server - Best Dragon Ball Server START: 06.01.2023r(PL 18:00 | BR: 01:00 PM) AccMaker: Home - DBVictory: WORLD [S1] (http://DBV.DBVictory.eu) Portal: News - DBVictory :: Official Portal (http://DBVictory.eu) (Info / Spells / Maps / Items List / Guides) Forum: :: Forum.DBVictory.eu :: Strona Główna (http://Forum.DBVictory.eu) (Help / Guides) FB: DBVictory - Official (https://www.facebook.com/DBVictoryOfficial) Server info DBVictory: WORLD [S1]: Exp (stages): 8x and below Skill: NO loss (only Exp/Items) PVP (exp for kill player) New account have 7 Day PACC Max Reborn - 700lvl -------------------------- PVP System: PlayerReborn [kill] PlayerReborn = NO FRAG PlayerReborn [kill] PlayerNoReborn = FRAG ** PlayerNoReborn [kill] PlayerNoReborn = FRAG ** Exp PVP: Reborn [kill] Reborn: +50% Level (killing a higher player) +35% Level (killing a lower player) ** 8x FRAG = F (RS), 10x FRAG = BAN, 1Frag = 12h - BOT ILLEGAL -------------------------- AutoLoot - more info command: !al info Party Share: * if there are two of in the party and have share enabled, get +25% more exp Dungeon system (get prinze to 24h) Own Lighting | Addon/Change color outfit Bonus Guilds - for the best of a week (awarded every week) Unique map (own) Events (automatic) + Day Bonus A lot of quests, Sag, missions Monster / Item List (in site) MAP (interactive) (in site) Upgrade / Craft Weapons Fly / Rider (on mob) / GOD + Skin / Ultra Instinct Master System (PET Boost!) (Read) Own Client (OTClient modified)
  2. Preciso ajuda pra pegar .dat e .spr de um cliente dbv, tentei descompilar mais nao pega nenhum archivo no folder, quem poderia mim ajudar? Perdão por meu portugues eu sou mexicano
  3. ============================================================================================================== [ENG] * Hello ALL ! * I would like to invite you to the new WoDBO2 server! this server is based on good old wodbo! with small additions such as: new items / new expowiska / new quests / new spells / autoloot system / war system / auto stack system / daily events + event shop the map is reworked but a lot has not changed much I invite Dragon Ball OTS fans! I invite everyone who wants to play good old WODBO! Website: http://wodbo2.pl/?subtopic=latestnews Discord: https://discord.gg/W6EURXj YouTube Server Video: ==============================================================================================================
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