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Found 3 results

  1. Preciso ajuda pra pegar .dat e .spr de um cliente dbv, tentei descompilar mais nao pega nenhum archivo no folder, quem poderia mim ajudar? Perdão por meu portugues eu sou mexicano
  2. Name of the project: Dragon Ball New Story Project version: v1.51 TFS version: 0.3.6pl1r102 Version of the protocol: 8.54 Dragon Ball New Story v1.51 What does our server have?: [*] Advanced and expanded SAG SYSTEM [*] The two weapons system [*] A lot of "chest quests" and those more discerning [*] Many bonus spells: (including "Mystic Chou Maretsugeki" and a lot more) [*] 19 "Balanced" vocations [*] Attack Speed System [*] Huge map (Comparing to other server) [*] And a lot more! *Can't remember tho* Once upon a a time (I mean, before Akram robbed me) the server was in the lead [in terms of anime servers and not only]. The record was 524 people online! :) Many people think, that this version was "the greatest of DBNS history". We don't have "orsh weapons", funny systems like in dbns v14?? XD VIDEO <-- Click to check video Screens: Download: [*]Engine: >> Click << [*]DLL's (only Windows): >> Click << [*]Client: >> Click << [*]Database: >> Click << Scans: [*]Engine: Virustotal.com [*]DLL's (only Windows): Virustotal.com [*]Client: Virustotal.com [*]Database: Virustotal.com In "engine" pack there are two files - First one to run it on Windows, secon one to run it on Debian 7 (DBNS v1.51 Engine.exe = WINDOWS / dbns_engine = LINUX). PROJECT ISN'T OpenSource. ///28.06.2018 To connect with the server u want to use this client .exe download; https://mega.nz/#!Q5N0gIwJ!PFl5K51A2w8f001UWaGk_zpUbnSSUlZHtMeIP7vPacY scan; https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/b13ca120bc3e065d306024bf4e6d13513ba485067f31cfd0ffbde02cdea9b128/detection
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