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  1. Hello how are you, I want to present the second chapter of my channel which I tell you about the game recently created by Cipsoft. I will be showing in the following videos and in our Discord group how to make money with LiteBringer and exchange them yourself without an intermediary to the Binance platform in LTC "Lite Coín" I will also show you how to exchange them for $ - Bolívares or Tibia Coín. Create an account in LiteBringer and leave your address in the discord group or in the comments of the youtube videos to receive 7 lites and you can start the LTC mining in LiteBringer, we are
  2. Quero que quando um player use uma magia no outro ele não possa usar a mana fluid Eu trabalho com source evolutions 7.92
  3. Good afternoon, someone has the Corpse id of the version 10.90? especially these creatures. hellflayer, grimeleech vexclaw, clomp, hellflayer, grimeleech, ogre brute, savage ogre, ogre shaman, vexclaw if anyone can help me please?
  4. You also may be used. Use it if you're interested.
  5. Hello Community.! What is expected in this release MMORPG game called "tepid" in a nutshell "is to incorporate the new updates of the newest versions to an older platform" that is the mission of this project, because many fans will warm really excited about this. Perhaps many of you have ever thought that would warm the PVP version 7.72 and implement new Maps, Items, Monster and Outfits Reality is not as we thought, Tibia developers focused more to the field of Marketing for better monetary gain rather than meet the needs of players in the end made no radical changes and not we liked all the
  6. It shows only some parts of the map. I will be putting the project's progress, every Sunday night. I work on the server only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The server version is 7.72 as the client version is 7.72. Progress in facebook follow. https://www.facebook.com/TibiaReal.Oldschool.net
  7. my config.lua -- Map -- NOTE: storeTrash costs more memory, but will perform alot faster cleaning. -- houseDataStorage usage may be found at how-use-internal-functions.log mapAuthor = "Mapper" randomizeTiles = true houseDataStorage = "binary-tilebased" storeTrash = true cleanProtectedZones = true mapName = "World.otbm"
  8. bom dia, eu tenho um problema. quando eu tento abrir meu servidor 8.6 RL Map eu recebo erros como este. example: [26/9/2015 10:51:41] >>> Map descriptions: - "Saved with Remere's Map Editor 3.0 BETA" - ""> FATAL: OTBM Loader - Failed to load item 1716. example: [26/9/2015 10:51:41] >>> Map descriptions: - "Saved with Remere's Map Editor 3.0 BETA" - ""> FATAL: OTBM Loader - Failed to load item 2666.
  9. como poderia mudar a cor das outfit? poderia fazer é equipar x item aleatório Color?
  10. XxhadesXx


    alguém pode carregar o cliente que vem configurado com neblina? please
  11. Erro ao tentar ter transparência ao Cliente
  12. onde devo colocar esta linha de código?