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Found 2 results

  1. TheOTX is a highrate Tibia 7.72 OT server. TheOTX is completely stock Tibia 7.72 state with some customs modifications. All NPCs, quests, cities and even books exist like back on Tibia 7.72. There are custom additions to TheOTX, you can buy runes in shop (bps x1 hmm, sd, uh, explo, lmm, gfb, mwall) (bp mf), Tasks and Shared Experience. Annihilator Quest, Killing in the name of... Tasks, Pits of inferno quest, Demon helmet quest, All Existing Quest's From 7.72 More!. » 24 Hours Online » Great PvP experience » Balanced vocations » Real guild war system » Raid system and Boss spawns » No overpowered donation items » All Monsters with their respective loot » Push just like real tibia » Extra Town (Gengia) » All The Spells Working 100% And Balanced » Citizen Teleports Working! » Without lags » Task System - Gain experience, gold or experience by doing killing tasks. You can start a task at Grizzly Adams NPC. » Promotion - Promotion is altered price, 10k. » Runes - Can be bought in shop, conjured runes are regular charged 2x. You do not need soul to conjure runes. » IP: theotx.net » Website: www.theotx.net » Client: 7.72 » Port: 7171 » EXP Rate: 100 Start (Stages) » Skill Rate: 8x » Magic Rate: 4x » Loot Rate: 3x
  2. Galerinha do mau... Eu estou querendo resolver um erro comum em todos os sites Gesior mas que ninguém si importa em concerta-ló são pouco os Site que vejo que estão com isso concertado. Sem mais delongas eu estou falando deste pequeno erro: Que ao certo deveria ser com a Headline completa pois está aparecendo somente metade, o ícone diferente(isto é fácil arrumar), e uma pequena borda em volta da headline. Veja: Si alguém puder ajudar eu agradeceria muito.
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