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  1. onde mudar a quantidade de Pokémon que você pode ter em sua mochila?
  2. Friends, I asking one more time, somebody know how i can repair fight with NPC ? I can't attack their pokemons during the battle
  3. Thank you for help, do you know how to repair duel with NPC ?
  4. you think this error with pokemon evo has something to do with the NPC bug? When you take duel you can't attack enemy pokes. and someone fix this ? [Error - MoveEvents Interface] data/movements/scripts/../../lib/ps/events/movements/ball.lua:onDeEquip Description: (luaDoTransformItem) Item not found
  5. i too need help with this poke evo, someone can help ? ;<
  6. Yes, it's true... but maybe someone know how i can fix this ? maybe i need any machine or items ? can you help me ?
  7. Guys i have one more question, how i can evo pokemons on this server ? i have caterpie lv 18, 15lv need for evo but nothing... "sorry, not possible" i can't use stone and nothing, can yoy help me ? Thanks! Tibia Gods
  8. hey guys can someone can help mi with this problem ? Você vai ajudar ? PokemonOTS 8.54 (i think pokedash)
  9. Shooxpl

    PokemonOT problem

    @WorstZoe Thank You for help i edit my map and change this all it's ok. I add legendary pokes to this block and now nowone can catch them in master ball. soo lats my problem this Clans, someone know how i can change this ? I need change when player join to clans he start with range 5 xD
  10. Shooxpl

    PokemonOT problem

    ok! i do this but i have error with old version items.otb. https://zapodaj.net/76332d8ff6069.jpg.html but i thing all working, i can edit now map or something can destroy this ?
  11. Shooxpl

    PokemonOT problem

    thanks for help, but i try this, nothing help. when i add items to RME and i show tibia.dat and tibia.spr i see this https://zapodaj.net/9f2facec3e45b.jpg.html https://zapodaj.net/8412a9da73b06.jpg.html https://zapodaj.net/cf5ef1886d3a3.jpg.html always this same, last time i can open this map
  12. Shooxpl

    PokemonOT problem

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