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  1. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JptZ4Q0x90k
  2. NRTN.pl - Naruto Road To Ninja (Start 24 August 2019 - 17:30 GMT+1) (BRASIL TIME: 14:30) Hello player! You are bored? You dont have where to play? You want to feel the pleasure of a dynamic game? Create account, download a client and get into one from 42 characters from anime Naruto! What you will find here? Feel free to in the universe Naruto and do somewhere 80 sagas! Pet System Yes! You can get your own Pet, who will give you some bonuses for some time. Skin System You
  3. http://nrtn.pl/ NRTN UPDATE 2.88- Added new respawn for low and high lvls- Bone Amulet is forever aol now- New item in itemshop- Namelock is available on site - Assassins,Tanks and Supports got a protection (5%,20% and 10%) - On quest monsters, you cant exp anymore - Area Trap has been reworked - Frog got a nerf(from 3 players to 2) - Travelers under Kinshiki and Toneri - Frog is fixed now(Previously u can use it with snake) - Quantity in item shop. - Shino now have only 1 summon(with same dmg like 3) - Karin can heal only a players with similiar lvl to her - Now if u can'