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Found 4 results

  1. calderaluis

    Wono V9

    Hello everyone, I bring you the best naruto server, there are only a few days left before it opens, here I leave you a small trail Next edition v9 will start on 13.09.2019 -New Quest -New Event -All Vocation Balanced Site: wono-cj.net/wono/ Discord: https://discord.gg/Sjhq7X Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi10KhgwGFQ
  2. NRTN.pl - Naruto Road To Ninja (Start 30 June 2018 - 16:00 GMT+1) (BRASIL TIME: 11:00) Hello player! You are bored? You dont have where to play? You want to feel the pleasure of a dynamic game? Create account, download a client and get into one from 42 characters from anime Naruto! What you find here? Feel free to in the universe Naruto and do somewhere 80 sagas! Pet System Yes! You can get your own Pet, who will give you some bonuses for some time. Skin System You can be Minato Superman or Naruto Goku! Casino System Feel like in Las Vegas and play in our casino for money! Tournament You can take part in the tournament and win medals that give you good statistics Wanted System If someone annoyed you and you are not able to defeat him, you can give him a warrant! Autoloot System You do not have to worry about collecting loot! All you need to do is use our autoloot system! Big map adapted to wars, and also to game PvE! Legal bot You dont have time for play, and you want free time spend for fights? Server is also for you, will not receive a penalties(bans) for using a bot, which will gain expierence for you. No P2W You do not have to spend a lot of money on NRTN to compete with top players! Automatic Events Every day at 18 is the Zetsu or Firestorm event! Character balance You feel frustrated with reason dont balanced professions on others servers? There we will not make this mistake, characters are fully balanced! and a lot more... Daily Missions You can perform a daily mission for which you get experience points and money. Free Points If you have a guild that has more than 5 people, you can get free guild points from the administrator, just contact the fanpage or somewhere. Multiplier and training Tabela expierence: 1-50 - x40 51-150 - x30 151-300 - x15 301-425 - x10 426-1000 - x7.5 1001-2000 - x3 2001-2500 - x1.8 2501-3000 - x0.8 3001-4000 - x0.1 4001-5000 - x0.05 5001-6000 - x0.01 And other multipliers: Skill Rate - x10 Nin Jutsu Rate - x3 Loot Rate - x5 Spawn Rate - x40 We try to make the server Naruto Road to Ninja was a top server among the servers of this type, so you can count on many updates from our site! We hope, you will appreciate our work and, you will like our server, who for long time will remain as your favorite server! You are not convinced? Maybe check gallery! So do not hesitate, create an 30 June 2018 16:00(BRASIL TIME: 12:00), you have to be with us! Server page: NRTN.pl!
  3. Servidor Novinho! Em fase de crescimento sendo sujeito a futuras mudanças. OLD WONOhttp://oldwono.ddns.net/ https://www.facebook.com/oldwono/http://www.otserv-list.com/servers/view/3213 Facebook Old Wono Mapa Original Wono PL 1.2. Modificado e Melhorado!! Vocações no servidor Novos items, Spells,Quest, Cidades entre outros. Cliente próprio!! Exp Stages Frags Updates Algumas imagens do servidor.
  4. queria sabe como fasso para eu abrir o Client da wono 3.25,aqui abro normalmente o client,mais quando carrega o dat e o spr da esse erro Error: Unknown flag. flag=0x81, previous=0x0, category=item, id=101 at nail.otlib.things::ThingTypeStorage/readThingType2() at nail.otlib.things::ThingTypeStorage/loadThingTypeList() at nail.otlib.things::ThingTypeStorage/readBytes() at nail.otlib.things::ThingTypeStorage/load() at nail.objectbuilder.core::ObjectBuilderWorker/onLoadAssets() at nail.workers::NailWorker/mainToWorkerMessageHandler() se possivel alguem poderia me ajudar a resolve isso
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