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[Germany] [8.6] AvatarOt.com | Avatar The Last Airbender Server | 21.07.2023 - 18:00 (BRT)


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Exciting Announcement: Avatar Server Launching This Friday at 18:00(BRT) and 23:00(CEST)!

After undergoing a series of extensive updates and improvements, the AvatarOt.com is now reborn with a plethora of exciting changes that are sure to take your gaming experience to new heights. Prepare yourselves for an epic journey filled with adventure, challenges, and endless possibilities.

We reworked map, graphics, bosses, quests, items, tasks, missions. Additionally, with the help of highly experienced players, we have improved PvP and class balance. The main change that was very frustrating and has been altered is character healing.

Gather your friends, form alliances, and embark on this virtual odyssey that promises to be unlike anything you've encountered before. With a wide array of innovative features and carefully crafted gameplay, the Avatar Server aims to revolutionize the gaming landscape, setting new standards for OTS.

Stay tuned for further updates and surprises as we draw near to the grand opening of the Avatar Server. This is an opportunity you won't want to miss!

Every account created up to an hour before the start will receive a free 3-day premium account.

General Info
Website: Latest News - Raava (https://avatarot.com/)
Discord: Join the AvatarOT.com Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/adFbfnAW2n)
Start: 21.07.2023 - 18:00 (BTR)

Get ready to forge your destiny!
The AvatarOt Team

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  • panrafaeru changed the title to [Germany] [8.6] AvatarOt.com | Avatar The Last Airbender Server | 21.07.2023 - 18:00 (BRT)


 - Fixed Bless - reduced cost on low levels
 - Fixed Potions - potions now have level requirements SHP - 50 level, GHP - 80 level, UHP - 130 level
 - Fixed exp stages on levels 80 - 200
 - Fixed loot showing after kill monsters for all party
 - Fixed Summons - now you and your party dont deal damage to summons
 - Fixed Runes - now you dont need level to use runes
 - Fixed map
 - Fixed client bugged textures
 - Fixed client visual bugs
 - Fixed minor items bugs
 - Fixed 80 Level Bosses - increased rare items drop rate 0.5% -> 1%
 - Fixed 120 Level Bosses - increased rare items drop rate 0.5% -> 0.7%
 - Fixed loot from Bosses - added Avatar Key with 2% drop rate to all bosses
 - Fixed dialog translations
 - Fixed spells - now you can use AoE spells on bosses
 - Fixed Draken Abomination Quest - spots where the player needs to stand have been replaced with levers
 - Fixed minor map bugs
 - Fixed 4th daily task for premium
 - Fixed items from Fire Boses - now gives also reduction for Energy
 - Fixed Boss rewards when kill with summon
 - Fixed Air Protection in items
 - Fixed Energy Protection in items
 - Turned on Global Save Server
 - Added quickloot to client
 - Added Quickloot Blacklist
 - Added new NPC Venomir - new mission for old wooden ring
 - Added new item - You see a old wooden ring (protection earth +5%, mana regeneration 5 MP/1s)
 - Nerfed old wooden ring - regeneration mana 5 -> 4, earth absorb 5% -> 4%
 - Removed Q,E,Z,C binds from move on WSAD walking



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