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[8.60 Evo] Custom-Evo.Com PvP- Enforced


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The new journey starts on
December 16th, 2021 at 16:00h (CET)

Who We are ?
Our team has been working on tibia servers since 2014. We do our best to make the players enjoy our game, we also force our team to work as efficiently as possible and every year we have more members of our team who help us improve the server.

What can we offer to you ?
We bring you the most perfect server 8.60 Custom Evolution Tibia Server, which is currently one of the strongest and best European servers you can find on the tibia list, we have so many interesting and interesting systems that will delight you with the game itself also if you have any problems or situations where we can help you. We are always at your disposal.

What you bring us ?
You are probably looking for a server that has a lot of interesting systems and where you will not waste your time playing servers that fail in a few days or weeks, we will maintain the server as long as there are active players and these are just some of the systems that Custom Evo can provide. Client, Europe Ping 20ms, PvP-Enforced, Free Premium Points on levels, quests, bosses, events etc.. Team Hunts, Daily Quests, Missions & Tasks, 10+ events, Mining System, Bounty Hunter, Auctions System, Best RPG & Wars, Guild Wars

What Are Server Informations ?

IP : custom-evo.com
Port : 7171
Client : 8.60 / Custom Client
Website : custom-evo.com

Experience Stages :

1 - 50 = 500x
51 - 100 = 350x
101 - 150 = 150x
151 - 200 = 50x
201 - 250 = 20x
251 - 300 =15x
301 - 350 = 8x
351 - 400 =5x
401 - 450 = 3x
451 - Infinite = 1x

Skills Rate = 20x
Magic Rate = 15x
Loot Rate = 2x
Exp From Players = 2x

Have you got any Special Features ?

10+ Events Every Day Running
10+ Bosses
Daily Tasks
Weekly Tasks
Normal Tasks
Crafting System
Minning System
Auto Loot System
Char Auctions System
Bounty Hunter
Items Auctions
Daily Quests
Team Hunts
Super Spawns
Gambler NPCs
Custom Spells
Free Premium Points on Levels

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