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Evolution Enigma Map Fixed No Bug

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Exp Rates: (stages low)
Magic Rates: 12
Skills Rates: 14
Loot Rates: 3
Spawn Rates: x1-x1

+150Zonas Para Subir De Nivel
+35 Quest
Guild War System
Task System
Monster Hunter kill event
PaintBall Event
Runner Event: (emblem of premium points)
premium points system in game
sistema premium (VIP):
+10 ciudades vip (ethno,gengia,pyre,oken,sativa,cardera,karmia,premium,liberty bay,mini island,frost land,reaper cave,nightmare village,bog land,demon shape,hydra land)
More Items VIP: restring set (faster regeneration) - protection set (faster regeneration) - flash set (faster regeneration) - Armas VIP all vocation.
Platinium Zone: (sativa island) Platinium Coin.
Elementals Quest: fire,icy,terra,energy
Promotion Premium (VIP) biochemist(druid),alchemist(sorcerer),sniper(paladin,warrior(knight).




Enlace Servidor http://raboninco.com/1kUUY
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