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Powder Coating NJ Services for High and Low-Value Projects


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Rusty Lions is the leading powder coating NJ provider dedicated to serving high and low-volume projects. Regardless of whether you want automotive parts to be coated or a large piece of industrial equipment, we can complete the job for you with guaranteed satisfaction.


Our powder coating professionals are highly knowledgeable and take pride in the high-quality work they deliver with outstanding customer service. Rusty Lions is capable of creating exceptional finished products that look good and withstand the test of time with uniform powder coating that keeps you happy for years to come.


Our Powder Coating NJ Services

Powder coating is a commonly used process for metal finishing that has become popular in North America since the 1960s. Powder coatings are resin-based and can effectively be used to layer metal and surfaces for added protection and enhance visual appeal.


The resin and other ingredients are melted and cooled to form a powder, which is then sprayed electrostatically on a metal substrate. The powder is sprayed by a spray gun which renders an electrostatic charge on the powder, which is then attracted to the metal part.


Once the powder is applied, the coated part is inserted into the oven, where the extreme heat causes the powder to stick to the surface and is very resistant to strip off through conventional means once applied.


Give us a call at 347-613-8103 or 973-459-8515, and let us know your powder coating requirements. We'd be happy to keep your parts functional and attractive for a long time.




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