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[Poland] [CUSTOM] Poke-journey - unique poke-tibia


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Hello everyone!
I would like to tell you some words about our unique project - poke-journey!

What can you find in poke-journey?

  • The opportunity to make your poke dreams come true - you can catch them all 
  • Every poke monster have own statistics, which can be developed with lvl,
  • Huge amount of poke skills,
  • Fully customized client. Autoupdates. Custom protocol.
  • Sound effects and original sound track.
  • Bosses,
  • Gyms,
  • Events,
  • Chests,
  • Pokemon catching system like in the Reds
  • Different Tasks and Daily Quests.
  • Custom, complex system of spawning posses and rare pokemons,
  • Custom quests.
  • Pokemon fishing,
  • Shiny pokemons,
  • TM's/HM's - items which allows to teach new moves,
  • Custom website,
  • Custom forum.
  • Autoloot

Be active on the discord - every idea will be considered 

Check some screens below:





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