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[custom] digimon world online ❂ rpg ❂


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Welcome to the Digimon Wolrd Online!
An fan game online of Digimon, and we intend to give them the best possible experience.
- What is Digimon World Online?
DwoRPG, It is a game that simulates the world of so beloved Digimons. With low rate of experience and a great rpg included for fun players. Within the game you can find and capture more than 350 species of Digimon, and complete quests, dungeons and fight against bosses
Experience: Custom XP (Low-Medium)
PvP:  Closed (Specific Areas) / Duels
100% New Custom Map (extensive)
More than 350 Digimons (balanced)
Over 25 custom missions (Solo/Party)
10+ Random Dungeons (Easy/Medium/Hard)
World Events (invasions)
Dedicated 24/7 server with no lag
No overpowered donations (mostly cosmetic)
- Analyzer (Digimon Data Base)
With analyzer you can check information such as status, skills, location and evolutions of Digimon unlocked through tasks.
- Catch System (Digitama Data)
The capture system is to use "Diginet"   to obtain the digimon data already weakened, allowing your digitalize through some items.
- Digimon Status (Attributes)
Behind this system, each level conquered by your Digimon will be possible to distribute an amount of points in attributes (Lucky/Wisdom/Strength/Agility/Magic Defense/Sustain)
These are only some of the many other systems we find in DwoRPG


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