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8.x OTServ Hispano Map


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  • 6 years later...

2015 map in 2021 = link broken 100%.


Anyone have it downloadable on Mediafire/Mega/Google Drive or shall I scream louder to be heard????


PS: OTServer community lacks of custom maps (even for 8.6) almost everything are Baiak, Evolutions, Yurots clones.

please... come back all those 2013/2015 maps I was looking for ages.

I came here after looking for new custom maps on every corner of other OTserver comunities (Every comunity you had known I was there from Black Tibia to OTLand, from Tibiaface to Tibiaking) and it seems I came in vain, and even worse... I created an account just for nothing.

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sorry, Me don't understand brazilian, just english and español.
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