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  1. Teaching feelings to kids is a key part of child development. While it can be challenging, it can also help them to develop self-awareness, empathy, self-regulation, and coping skills. By using fun activities like face-making, parents can help their kids learn to express themselves with their emotions. This can also lead to better reading and writing skills. During a feelings lesson, students should read a phrase or dialogue containing a word that describes a particular emotion. They can then reply with a voice that conveys the appropriate emotion. Another great way to introduce the concept of feelings is by using games. For example, students can try to guess what their partner is drawing and give their partner praise if their drawing is better than theirs. Using puppets can help kids learn about feelings. Children might prefer to discuss feelings through puppets than to talk about real feelings. They can also act out different emotions with toys. Parents should praise their kids for expressing their feelings in this way. If they feel happy and content, this is a sign of healthy emotional expression. Another fun activity for teaching feelings to kids is to use picture cards. These picture cards feature pictures of different feelings, and they can be simple drawings, emojis, or photos of people. You can also use as many different faces as your child needs. If your child is young, you shouldn't use more than 20 faces, but older children can handle a greater variety.
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